Riders of the El Desfile Historico Parade

I think the horsemen and -women were at least as fascinating as the wide variety of horses in the parade.

Yeah, just wow!!!

Nice flags on the Rainbow Riders

Baroque Horses of Northern California

The Kings County Sheriff's Posse (I am just copying those names from the official list)

And this group was part of the 1836 De la Guerra Wedding Party...what a party!

Oh great, now my helmet is stuck!

And some very fashionable ladies and their horses...Mexican...


...and Wild West.

Ok, because he was so cool...El Charro Mexicano!

The Black Cowboys of the Golden West (no, I am not making that up)

Note to self...guys with lassos are cool

Wonder what he's texting..."Hey dog, I am in a parade...on a horse!"


Note the guy on the bike...good luck trying to steal the show!

It's a long parade...one could get a little sleepy

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