Scrub Jay

Beach bird

Where are the birds?

B/W birds

Everyone I speak to agrees that this must be one of the gloomiest summers in Santa Barbara in a long time. The marine layer sticks around till the afternoon, hiding us from the warming rays of the sun. But once it clears out, we do get to have a few pretty clouds in our otherwise so frequently featureless blue sky. Which is actually a nice change.

Summer waves on a Summer Day at Summer Beach - brrrrr!

Yep, a (pretty) cloud in sunny Santa Barbara

Sunset colors

Love how the blue transitions to orange

A quarter rainbow in Santa Barbara is as special as a "Double Rainbow" elsewhere

Aug 082010

On the night before the El Desfile Historico Parade, we joined a group of volunteer Newcomers in making the flower arrangements for the parade.

Newcomers check-in

And the magic beings...

(With some adult supervision)

They had a ton of flowers to work with

Halfway done...

3/4 done...

First one done!

And now we have two of them

Hitching them to the wagon

Ready for the big parade

Here they come!

They seem very happy with the flower arrangements

I think the horsemen and -women were at least as fascinating as the wide variety of horses in the parade.

Yeah, just wow!!!

Nice flags on the Rainbow Riders

Baroque Horses of Northern California

The Kings County Sheriff's Posse (I am just copying those names from the official list)

And this group was part of the 1836 De la Guerra Wedding Party...what a party!

Oh great, now my helmet is stuck!

And some very fashionable ladies and their horses...Mexican...


...and Wild West.

Ok, because he was so cool...El Charro Mexicano!

The Black Cowboys of the Golden West (no, I am not making that up)

Note to self...guys with lassos are cool

Wonder what he's texting..."Hey dog, I am in a parade...on a horse!"


Note the guy on the bike...good luck trying to steal the show!

It's a long could get a little sleepy

Aug 082010

Old Spanish Days are a big event in Santa Barbara, and the El Desfile Historico Parade is one of the largest equestrian parades in the country with hundreds of horses and riders (which I am saving for the next post). We’ll start out with the coaches, floats and bands.

The parade is coming up State Street



...and coach.

One of the marching bands (Oxnard High School)...

...and another (SB High School Marching Dons).

Kids con confetti

I think Smokey was the only celebrity in the parade

Yeah, he was THAT good

I don't think that it was her first parade...

And the boys from the Fire Dept. were bringing up the rear - literally

Lots of cars on Route 1

Could it be empty...? way!

But fun was to be had...

Julia Child butter

Bouganvilla on the patio

Roses at the Mission

Roses at the Mission

California here we come

One of many Joshua trees

One last shot of the road

Home, with 2090 miles worth of bugs

Back on the road

New Mexico roadscape

Gallup, the last bigger town in New Mexico

And we even hit a little traffic

But then it's back to the middle of nowhere

And finally the border to Arizona

And here's a view of Arizona

Jun 122010

Saint Francis Cathedral

Bronze Origami horses...?!

Yep! They are the work of Kevin Box...

...whose studio we briefly visited

Big clouds rolling in on our way back to town

So we went back to our favorite Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer

And visited the Museum of Indian Arts

But the clouds would not leave

Neither would the Apache

But I think he kept the clouds at bay

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